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[Vinyl] New Release- Esmé Patterson "Notes from Nowhere"

[Vinyl] New Release- Esmé Patterson "Notes from Nowhere"

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Esmé Patterson releases her long-awaited 5th full-length album, Notes from Nowhere, early this October, creating a genre-avoidant musical realm that blooms with honesty and magic.

Ever provocative, poignant, polymorphic, and prescient (her apocalypse-themed There Will Come Soft Rains, was released on the first day of Covid19 lockdowns in March 2020), Patterson’s latest release returns to the (super)natural world, evoking the chill of dead winter, parched-forest lightning, midday moons, and the cicada hum of summer swamps. Esmé’s intense performances arrest her audience in ears-open shared contemplation. Her music churns and crackles until you find yourself frozen, staring into the fire.

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